Please note that side and bottom creases will occur in the leather if bottom zipped into a clutch.
This is completely normal and to be expected.

Do not scratch or rub your item against abrasive surfaces.

Keep your item away from damp or humid environments—yes, that city drizzle counts!

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and any direct source of heat
(radiators, car interiors overheated by the sun, etc.).

Avoid contact with greasy substances, cosmetics, perfume, and hydroalcoholic solutions,
as well as any material (magazines, dark denim, other leathers, etc.)
that may transfer their colored pigments onto the product.

To avoid grease or stains settling in the material, we recommend using a slightly dampened, lint-free, light-colored, absorbent cloth to wipe the outer and interior fabric, then wipe dry. Do not use soap or solvent.

Keep stuffing inside to preserve shape. Do not overstuff.

Protect your bag when not in use by storing it in the protective bag provided.

Treat your crossbody and
yourself with love, always.