How to Care for Recycled Leather

How to Care for Recycled Leather

If you’ve been following along, you probably know by now how recycled leather-obsessed we are at Emily Jones. It’s durable, it’s sustainable, it’s gorgeous. We have an entire post on why you’d want to choose recycled leather if you’re not familiar with its virtues already. One golden advantage to recycled leather is that it’s remarkably easy to care for.

Grab your favorite recycled leather good (we hope it’s one of our crossbodys!). We’re about to teach you how to show it some love.

Keep it dry.
Yes, recycled leather can stand up to humidity better than traditional leather, but it still should be kept dry. Don’t jet out in a rain shower with no umbrella is what we’re saying. However, if your bag does get wet from weather or a spill, you should wipe it dry as soon as possible with a non-abrasive cloth.

Don’t overstuff.
We know it’s hard to do, but avoid the urge to overpack your bag in order to preserve its shape and longevity. 

Avoid accidental stains.
It can be ever so tempting to pack your favorite liquid foundation or some perfume, but believe us, it’s not worth the risk—especially if you’ve invested in a quality recycled leather product. You’ll also want to avoid dark denim which will leave dark stains on a recycled leather handbag like nobody’s business. 

Protect it from heat.
This includes the sun. Do not leave your bag in a hot car or place it near a radiator.

 Treat your stains.
Accidents happen. 

Wipe it clean.
Use a light-colored, lint-free, non-abrasive damp cloth to wipe your recycled leather product, and wipe dry. And then…

Store in a protective bag.
We know it seems like extra work, but keeping your recycled leather protected from dust, debris, and potential humidity when not in use is truly best practice.

We hope this helps you love your recycled leather goods a bit longer!