Why Choose Recycled Leather

Why Choose Recycled Leather

We love recycled leather over here at Emily Jones. You’ll notice that all of our products are made from recycled leather, but many of you might not be sure what exactly recycled leather is or why it’s so amazing for you and for the environment. We want to share our passion with you, so indulge us as we nerd out over all things recycled leather!

What is recycled leather?

Recycled leather consists of genuine leather scraps that were destined for landfills, including tiny trimmings and shavings. Our scraps are shred into fine fibers, which are then adhered to a micro-textile core using high pressure water jets. At this point, color and texture are added. It looks like leather and feels like leather (because it is leather!), but it has so many benefits that traditional leather lacks. Keep on reading to find out what those benefits are!

Why is recycled leather better for the environment?

It allows us to minimize the waste of material in its production, as the final result of the manufacturing process of the recycled leather is a flawless sheet of material. It has a lower impact on climate change compared to traditional full-grain natural leather.

Recycled leather not only saves discarded leather waste from going into landfills, but it also decreases the amount of new leather being made. Leather manufacturing, particularly the process of tanning leather, is highly polluting and releases toxins into the surrounding soil. In theory, each recycled leather handbag purchased is one traditional leather handbag that is not purchased. In other words, it’s a great way to vote with your purchase for more sustainably and responsibly made fashion.

Why We Love Recycled Leather

Besides being beautiful, recycled leather is a long-lasting material. If you treat it with a bit of care and follow some basic tips (you can read some of them here under the bottom tab), your recycled leather goods can last ages! It’s very easy to care for. In most cases, a damp cloth will be enough to get rid of those frightening stains or the dirt of daily use.

Be a part of a force for good by joining the sustainable community.

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We hope you’ll take a look at our double-flap crossbody and triangle crossbody bags and discover the joy of recycled leather for yourself!