What It Means to Be RCS Certified (and Why Our Brand Is!)

What It Means to Be RCS Certified (and Why Our Brand Is!)

This year we’ve met our goal of achieving Recycled Claim Standard certification, and we couldn’t be prouder. If you haven’t heard of RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certification, you’ve probably seen it before while shopping. RCS-certified brands have a specific logo that says “Recycled Claim Standard.” You may be wondering what exactly it means to be RCS certified, and why it matters when making a purchase. We’ve got you covered. 

What is RCS certification?

RCS stands for Recycled Claim Standard. It is an internationally recognized certification to verify recycled content and track it from the source to the final product. Not only does it signal to consumers that the brand or product is a responsible choice, but it also creates a base standard for what is considered recycled material. If we didn’t have that baseline definition, brands could claim to use recycled materials that aren’t exactly up to standards, and likewise, consumers would not be able to make an informed decision on what brands truly use recycled materials.

What does RCS certification mean for Emily Jones?

Here’s what our certification means at Emily Jones:

  • All of our fabric, leather, and honeycomb print lining are independently certified to the Recycled Claim Standard.
  • Our supply chain is independently certified to be Recycled Claim Standard.
Why is Emily Jones RCS-certified?

Our brand is passionate about sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. With so many amazing recycled material options available, we see no reason not to give them a new, more beautiful life. After all, the recycled leather and recycled plastic lining we use for all of our handbags and accessories are as attractive as traditional leather, and they are often easier to care for and more durable.

Becoming RCS-certified was important to us because we believe in their shared goal to increase the use of recycled materials, and we want our customers to know what we stand for. Whenever someone makes an Emily Jones purchase, we want that person to feel fully confident that they’ve made a responsible choice (on top of just having really great taste).

Now that you’re in the know, you’ll probably see the RCS logo popping up as you shop, and we hope that you’ll continue to support brands that are RCS-certified. It’s one small step we can take as consumers to make an environmental impact because with every RCS-certified purchase, we vote for more brands to start using recycled materials.