Eco Essentials for Your Handbag

Eco Essentials for Your Handbag
Now that you’ve (hopefully) scored yourself an Emily Jones recycled leather handbag, let’s get to the fun part—filling it! Our double-flap crossbody holds slightly more volume than our Amsterdam triangle, but both are spacious enough for some fun eco-cessories. Below are our favorite eco-friendly essentials that will fit in your bag.

1. A reusable water bottle

Because our bags are our babies, we have to preface this with a “carry with caution” warning! Recycled leather is not waterproof (though it can handle some dampness, like from condensation). However, if your reusable water bottle is tried and tested to be leakproof and it cannot be punctured (like softer plastic water bottles), you can carry it with confidence. Opt for a smaller model to fit without overstuffing your bag. S’well makes really beautiful 9oz bottles that work perfectly. You may need to refill more often, but it’s worth it for the portability.

2. Our new Bleecker card case

Have you checked out this little beauty? It’s small but somehow surprisingly spacious. (We don’t know how we do it either, honestly.) It’s made of the same recycled leather you know and love from our handbags, with the same fabric lining made from plastic water bottles.

3. A solar phone charger

We love carrying a solar phone charger everywhere we go. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also just easier. You can charge your phone at brunch, on-the-go, in the middle of a rainforest. Wherever you are, there’s your charged phone. Liberating!

4. A pair of eco-friendly flats, like Rothy’s

Made from recycled water bottles, Rothy’s ballet flats will always have a place in our hearts and in our double-flap crossbody bag. In fact, our double-flap bag was designed with a spare pair of flats in mind. We love heels, but NYC living can really do a number on your feet! Be sure to measure first as some sizes and styles won’t fit. In that case, you can always try a folding style flat.

5. An eco-friendly snack

If you haven’t discovered Stasher, now’s your moment. Their silicone snack-sized pouches fit perfectly in both our double-flap and triangle crossbodies, and the colors keep us coming back for more. They have a size for every occasion, but they had us at snack size.

A sustainable handbag calls for sustainable contents, we always say. Happy toting!